Benjamin Spalding was born in 1984 in New York City, NY and the spent the majority of his upbringing in Maine. Hybridity and displacement became clear themes at an early age, as Spalding negotiated being half-hispanic and queer within small town New England. This sense of exotic otherness is ignited by Spalding’s love for music videos, dance clubs and immersive spaces. In tandem with receiving a degree in Mass Media studies from New York University, he gained experience in fashion as a stylist assistant working across a variety of publications like Interview Magazine and Men’s Vogue. Post New York, Spalding relocated to Berlin, Germany for 7 years to define his studio practice. Along with art making, he developed a curatorial project, The Gym, paralleling an art practice with a work out regime, allowing artists to turn his apartment into a rotating gallery. He has been shortlisted for the Illustrative Award, Germany (2011), and as a featured by the Future Generation Art Prize (2012). His current studio practice is grounded in investigating myth and transcendent experience as a means of regenerating social intimacy in an increasingly digital space. Spalding is currently in his second year of his MFA studies at Maine College of Art.